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Luke Bryan Shares His Thoughts On His Wife's Least Favorite Song Of His

Luke Bryan is having a lot of success happening in his life right now. He's one of the judges on American Idol and he just won the coveted Entertainer of the Year award at the 2021 ACM Awards. He virtually stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk all about the exciting things happening in his career.

Bryan has been out in California taping American Idol for months now. He was nominated for Entertainer of the Year at the ACM Awards and he shared that he was worried that he couldn't be there for the awards show. He thought he wouldn't win the coveted award because it wouldn't make for a good TV moment, but to his surprise, he won. He confessed that he was really surprised and happy when he was announced as the winner. That moment felt similar to the other 2 times he had won ACMs. Especially under the circumstances of the past year, Bryan says the win was a fun, great way to celebrate all that they have been able to do this past year despite the coronavirus pandemic. He and his team had a couple of celebratory toasts in Los Angeles after the win and then they got on the plane and headed back to Nashville.

Now Bryan is about to get a whole lot busier, he announced his Proud To Be Here Tour and the tickets for the show went on sale today. He's really happy to get back out on the road saying that the fact there are dates out there in the universe and he's about to be able to watch fans have fun again with him makes him excited. Bryan added that it takes a time like this past year to really be able to appreciate all of the people who go out on the road with him and his fans who come out to see them.

One song that his wife Caroline isn't excited to hear from him on the road again is his song "Rain Is A Good Thing." When she was on the show co-hosting with us while Lunchbox was out, she admitted that it was her least favorite song of his. Though when Bobby Bones asked Bryan about it, he said he found it interesting that they were able to move out of their 980 square foot home after the song hit. But he also added Caroline doesn't hold back her thoughts on any of his songs, and he appreciates it because she makes sure that he doesn't say anything in his lyrics that aren't authentic to him. Bryan also laughed because he said his kids inadvertently degrade him when it comes to some of his songs and they won't even know what they just said.

Before getting off the call, Bryan mentioned that he was a little mad at Bones for his TikTok lists. He saw him do a top 5 list of vocalists in country music and thought he might make the list. When he didn't, Bryan was disappointed. But then he saw Bobby's top 5 list of nicest country stars. When he watched it and saw that he made 2nd on the list, he was thrilled and even noted that he "could lost to Keith Urban on the nice meter any day."