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Lunchbox Got Angry At Morgan2 For Her Viral Jeep Video

Morgan2 has been going viral over the past few days with her Jeep Challenge video on Facebook.

She completed the Jeep Challenge which consisted of her doing a handstand into the driver side of her jeep using some serious body strength. The video has racked up over 13 million views on Facebook between Morgan2's Facebook post and the Facebook page Jeep Life reposting the video to their page. In social media terms, that's certainly viral. However as many listeners of The Bobby Bones Show know, Lunchbox has been trying to go viral for pretty much his entire adult life.

So when Lunchbox found out that Morgan2 went viral he couldn't stand it. He was in shock that something so ridiculous went viral when he's tried to get so many things to go viral and put in a lot of effort to make that happen. He shared his distaste in the viral post by showing his anger during the show's Post Show today (May 3).