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Listener Shares Personal 'Tell Me Something Good Story' About Nephew

Every morning The Bobby Bones Show shares three different 'Tell Me Something Good (TMSG)' stories to bring some positive vibes into the radio waves each and every morning.

The segment has inspired listeners to share their personal 'TMSG' stories online, and sometimes even call in to share them on air. One listener was very vulnerable with us this morning (May 20) and shared a personal story that was almost a tragedy, turned 'TMSG.' She shared with us in recent days that her nephew almost drowned. He was out at his home on a farm when he wandered into a pond while his mom was feeding the other child. When his mom found him, she pulled him out to start doing CPR. That's when our listener and their mother joined in to help. Emergency crews arrived and life flighted the child to a hospital. The doctors warned the family that the child may not make a full recovery at all, and if he did then he would likely have brain damage.

After putting out requests for prayers and receiving responses from all across the world, their prayers worked. 4 days after entering the hospital, our listener's nephew woke up as the same boy that wandered into the pond. He was 100% ok and didn't have any permanent damage.