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Raymundo Goes To Boxing Class With Morgan2 For Hobby Swap Week

Last week The Bobby Bones Show members had to throw one of their hobbies in a hat in order for another show member to draw it out to do it for a week.

The hobbies consisted of watching Teen Mom, diamond art, watching the Weather Channel, bird watching, listening to a Razorback podcast, and boxing. Each person had to complete their hobby for a full week, participating in that hobby at least 20 minutes a day. Raymundo drew out the hobby of boxing from Morgan. So yesterday Morgan took him to a boxing class at Title Nash where she normally attends for her boxing hobby. He completed an entire 50 minute class with her, wraps, boxing gloves and all.

They shared some fun videos from the hobby competition on social media. Here's one of Raymundo hitting on the bag, below is a compilation of videos from Raymundo's time in the class from Morgan's perspective.