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Inspired By Brett Eldredge, Lunchbox Took His First Cold Shower

While on The Bobby Bones Show last week, Brett Eldredge shared that one of the best things he does for himself is take cold showers. Amy agreed, admitting that she starts some of her mornings off with a cold shower and it's amazing.

Lunchbox decided to give it a try since two people gave it such rave reviews. He brought audio to the show of him getting into the shower for the first time. As you can imagine, there was a lot of screaming and yelling as he tried to stand under the cold water. He admitted that it woke up him, but it's not something he will ever do again because of how "miserable" he felt.

Although Lunchbox gave cold showers a grave review, Amy encouraged listeners to still give it a try because it can be really great for people looking for some new techniques for self care.