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PHOTOS: Eddie On His Walk From West Virginia Down To Tennessee

Eddie's walk from West Virginia to Tennessee has officially been completed and he has raised so much money to go towards the National Angels organization!

What started as a very innocent statement from Eddie during The Bobby Bones Show turned into an inspiring movement. Several weeks ago Eddie was called out after he said George Strait's "Carrying Your Love With Me" lyrics didn't really make sense. The specific line "I'm carrying your love with me // From West Virginia down to Tennessee," sparked Eddie to comment that the lyric didn't seem like a big deal for the love of your life. That's when a bit idea happened. The show challenged Eddie to walk from West Virginia to Tennessee to prove his thoughts, but Eddie was only willing to do it as long as the show's listeners raised $10,000 for the organization National Angels that he has a personal connection to due to his foster kids.

The listeners far surpassed the goal, raising $50K at just the start to get him to do the walk. The walk would start in West Virginia and take him around 70+ miles to get to Tennessee. So starting on Father's Day (June 20), Eddie started day 1 of his walk, completing 16 miles to start things off. Then he started walking again on day 2, completing 25 miles of his walk. On Day 3 of his walk, Eddie continued his trek by completing 22.15 miles. And on Day 4, Eddie successfully completed his walk by walking 10 miles, hitting the Tennessee border and finishing during The Bobby Bones Show. Eddie shared many things during his time on the walk from the animals he saw to the listeners that met him along the way, while also answering questions from listeners and sharing the story behind his passion for fostering. For all of those updates, listeners can relive this week's special moments here.

Not only did Eddie complete his walking goal, but he also totally surpassed his goal of donations for the National Angels organization. As of this posting, Eddie's walk with the support of all of those donating to raise $247,635 for National Angels. Listeners can still donate here.

Check out all of the awesome photos from his adventure below, there are so many!!

Eddie's Walk: Day 1 Through Photos

Eddie's Walk: Day 2 Through Photos

Eddie's Walk: Day 3 Through Photos

Eddie's Walk: Day 4 Through Photos