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Luke Bryan Opens Up About Having Anxiety Before Touring Again This Year

Luke Bryan is thriving in all aspects of his career. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show virtually to talk about starting up touring again, his new Docuseries, plus officially confirm that he is not the mysterious country star tipper at a Waffle House in North Carolina.

Artists have started gearing up their tours again after being off the road last year due to the pandemic. Bryan is one of those artists, but he admits he had anxiety pre-tour about being able to get back into the mix of everything. He was worried that he wasn't going to be in good enough shape to perform, but thankfully that wasn't the case. Bryan always makes sure to get into shape before heading out on tour, but with the pandemic working out looked a little different this past year. While fans can expect to hear the majority of Bryan's number 1 hits during his concerts, they won't be hearing all of them. He always said he wouldn't be the artist that didn't play all of his hits, but he doesn't have a choice anymore. Though he does make sure to include a time during his sets to play at least a medley of the songs he can't fully play during the concert. Bryan decides his set lists off of the most listened to songs on country radio and the most streamed songs from his fans. One song he's probably always going to include in his set is the hit "Rain Is A Good Thing," mostly because his wife Caroline admitted on our show that's the song she hates the most.

When it comes to touring, one thing Bryan is particularly proud of is his Farm Tour. They've been doing it for 12 years now and he calls it a "moving carnival." He believes the real magic in it is going to rural areas where his fans don't typically get concerts. His fans in these rural areas always have to drive to big cities or arenas to see him, so this tour allows him to bring his concert to them. Bryan says,

"It's good being out in the country playing for country music fans."

Things are going to get even more intimate for Bryan in his career as his new Docuseries Dirt Road Diary drops today on Amazon through IMDB TV. Bryan says it's been a lifetime in the making, but they've focused filming for it in the last few years. The series has 5 episodes that will follow the ups and downs of life and music, like how they've intersected and connected for Bryan. He hopes his fans will be inspired by the deep dive they do into his story and what made him. Adding an even more personal touch, the song for the Docuseries was inspired by Bryan's late brother and all of their times together hearing and writing songs.

Before jumping off the virtual interview, Bryan made sure to officially confirm that he is not the country star responsible for the $1K tip to the Waffle House waitress in Greensboro, North Carolina. Though he admits he prides himself on tipping 100% or more, especially during this last year of the pandemic. Bryan said, "Being in my position, it is really special when you can help out people." Bryan officially made the statement that he did not give a $1,000 tip and he has not been in a Waffle House. After the interview aired, we did confirm the country star actually responsible for the awesome moment, which listeners can see here.