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Dan + Shay On Their Favorite Moment Hanging With Ed Sheeran Backstage

It's been 3 years since Dan + Shay have been able to share their new album Good Things with the world. They stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about finally getting to share the new project, heading back on tour, performing at Bobby and Caitlin's wedding and what it's been like working with celebrities of all kinds in recent years.

Dan + Shay were working on their album Good Things when the pandemic hit, which is what caused them to have a lot of delays. Between the delays and it being 3 years since their last album, the duo has made sure to keep sharing new music over the years. In recent months, we've gotten a lot of new songs showcasing what fans can anticipate with the new album. They first dropped "10,000 Hours" with Justin Bieber, they followed up the award-winning hit with their latest songs "I Should Probably Go To Bed," "Glad You Exist," and "Lying." All of which are tracks on the Good Things record. Despite sharing several great songs already, the duo and their team chose a song that didn't drop before the album as the single, the song called "Steal My Love."

They aren't strangers to working with other massive celebrities for projects, just this album alone has three iconic collaborations. Two of which fans have heard, "10,000 Hours" with Bieber and "Lying" which features Bill Withers vocals. Then there is "Body Language" on the new album which they wrote with Shawn Mendes in Nashville. They shared that he is truly as talented and nice as they assumed he would be. The writing session was one of Shay's favorites in their entire career. Even with all of those epic collaborations, none of those top their coolest famous person they've gotten to spend time with, that actually goes to Ed Sheeran. The duo was in Boston and hanging out backstage with Sheeran before one of his sold out shows. They were listening to demos and Sheeran was set to go on at 8:30 p.m. It wasn't until 8:28 p.m. hit that Sheeran casually said he needed to go for a bit and wanted them to meet him back there later that evening. They both agreed that while Sheeran is one of the biggest superstars on the planet, no one is more humble than him. They both echoed that they enjoyed getting to spend that time with him.

Before leaving, Bobby Bones wedding definitely needed to be talked about as Dan + Shay sang a cover of "Forever" by Jesse & The Rippers (Full House) for Bones and Caitlin's first dance. Bones said that it felt really awkward to send a text to his friends asking them to perform, but the duo said it wasn't even a discussion after they got the text from them. They both immediately knew they wanted to do it and were going to do it no matter what. The duo also added that they had a great time at the wedding, it was a very memorable evening for them especially getting to see Ronnie Dunn perform.

Dan + Shay are back on tour for the reminder of the year and they mentioned that their fans can almost always expect an encore. In fact, they should definitely be ready for it because they put their big songs in the encore like their hit "Tequila." While they believe the encore is kind of a tough situation because it kind of puts the artists on a pedestal, they also love that it gives some drama to the show as a whole. Here are all of the duo's upcoming tour dates.