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Lunchbox Called 911 After Drunk Driver Hits Parked Cars On Streets

Lunchbox is notorious for calling 911 lately. He's called 911 for various reasons that he believed were very valid.

His first 911 call was about a drunk driver on the interstate. Another 911 call was about a robbery at the dog park. And he also called 911 after he got involved with a domestic disturbance where the woman was trying to get away from a man. All of the instances did need 911 intervention, but Lunchbox was doing it to become a hero and hopefully get on the news. Despite his reasoning for calling 911, Lunchbox has helped different people in his community.

His latest 911 call was arguably the most intense. He was on a walk with his kids when a drunk driver drove past them and hit several different cars on the street. Then the drunk driver ended up driving right into another car. Thankfully no one was injured and the drunk driver got out of the car telling Lunchbox that "everything was cool." While Lunchbox saw him hitting the different cars, he called 911 to alert them of the situation.