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Eddie Gives Update On His Matthew McConaughey Diet

Over Christmas last year, Eddie read Matthew McConaughey's book Greenlights. He finished the book and felt inspired to do something he hadn't really ever done before. He decided to go on the diet McConaughey detailed in his book to play a role in the movie Dallas Buyers Club. Eddie just wanted to get a little healthier in his life and follow a structured diet to do so.

The diet for Eddie looked like eating two egg whites in the morning then fish and vegetables for lunch and dinner. He continued on the diet for several weeks, with a few hiccups of cheat days along the way.

He revealed during today's show after a listener asked for an update, that he hasn't been following the diet in recent months. After doing the diet for a few months, Eddie said he lost 20 pounds. Then he decided to stop doing the diet and admits he likely gained back all of the pounds that he lost.