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Lunchbox Follows Up Grocery Store Incident With Complaint Letter

Yesterday on The Bobby Bones Show, Lunchbox shared that he was upset with a grocery store worker after she wouldn't sell him alcohol with his expired driver's license.

Lunchbox was baffled because the ID is obviously his and he's over 40-years-old. He didn't understand why the worker wouldn't sell to him because he wasn't an underage kid trying to buy alcohol, his ID was just a few weeks expired. He decided to write a complaint letter and the show members were going to decide if he should send it to the grocery store.

Here is the letter Lunchbox's alter ego Jason Gibble wrote to possibly send to the grocery store:

Dear Grocery Store, 
I have been a loyal customer for the last 7 years but last week I had a very disturbing incident involving one your cashier's. Jasmine was working the register when I came through her line with a cart full of alcohol to purchase for a birthday party I was attending. She asked for my ID, I am 40, and she said she could see I am over 21 but since my ID was expired she couldn't sell it to me. 
I understand if she thought I was barely 21 and wasn't sure about my age, yes i look young, but I look to be 28 not 20. This should have never happened and I think you need to re-train Jasmine on how to handle such situations. She was very stubborn in her stance and would not listen to any of my valid points. 
She needs to be given a demerit, taken her off the register for at least one week, and show more respect to customers. 
Let me know when Jasmine is reprimanded so I can return or I will be forced to take my money to the Rival Grocery Store. 
Jason Gibble