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Lunchbox & Abby Almost Had To Stay In A Sketchy Hotel During Trip

Lunchbox and Abby are currently on a road trip to Arkansas so that Lunchbox can go diamond digging in Crater of Diamonds State Park.

They drove 7 hours to the Crater of Diamonds State Park from Nashville yesterday. Scuba Steve told them he had already booked a hotel for them that had a water park and lots of exciting things. However, when they arrived, that was definitely not the case. The hotel was dirty, and definitely unsanitary. Lunchbox and Abby were sharing things on their social media from the place and several listeners noted that it looked like something from a horror movie. Lunchbox even found a hairball waiting for him on his bed. He was even more mad because when they arrived, they had to pay for the hotel, it wasn't paid for like they had been told.

The hotel was so bad that they drove about half a mile down the road to buy another place to stay with a Bed and Breakfast. Lunchbox asked Scuba Steve why he booked that hotel and he defended his decision saying the Bed and Breakfast looked like a horror movie from pictures online, so he thought the hotel with the water park looked better based on pictures. He says he didn't do this to them on purpose so he didn't want to apologize.

However, looking at the videos, the hotel originally chosen for them was definitely not a place for anyone to safely stay. Check Lunchbox and Abby's Instagram stories right now to see all of the videos before they disappear.