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Lunchbox Thinks His Rocks From Crater Of Diamonds Look Like Something

Lunchbox just got back from the Crater of Diamonds State Park and although he didn't have any luck with finding diamonds, he does think he had some luck with something else.

When he got his rocks and findings examined by the Crater of Diamond State Park employees, they told him he only had quartz, jasper, and lava rocks in his pile. Upon further examination of his rocks when he got home, Lunchbox thinks he may have found something else.

He thinks that two of his rocks look like well-known celebrities. He believes one of his small rock's looks like Abraham Lincoln. And he thinks his bigger rock looks like Woody Woodpecker. Now this sounds crazy, but we've heard of people buying chips, Cheetos, and other random items because they look like someone famous. So it's not unheard of for people to spend thousands of dollars on random items just because they look like a celebrity.

The question really remains though, do these two rocks actually look like the celebrities Lunchbox thinks they do?