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Abby Founds Out Some More Information On Her Random Texter

Last week, The Bobby Bones Show learned about a huge dating dilemma in Phone Screener Abby's life.

To recap last week's events, on Thursday's show Abby shared that she was sent a random text with a photo of a headshot of a firefighter posing in front of a fire engine from a phone number she didn't know. After Abby ignored the text thinking it was an accident, the person sent a follow up text stating he sent it to the wrong number. Abby playfully responded back with fire emojis and it led to them having a text conversation where the guy admitted the photo was meant for the fire chief, for the website. It was all a total accident that he texted her. Then Abby was brave enough to FaceTime the random texter on Friday's show, and she was able to confirm that he was indeed a real person and the same guy in the original photo.

In today's update (October 11), Abby shared they texted throughout the weekend. During their texting exchange, he sent her a valuable photo showing the similarities between her phone number and his fire chief's phone number. So his whole story that it was a random text message is actually very possible now. They continued texting and she found out that he is single, has kids, and within her dating age. She plans to continue texting with him, and the show encouraged her to have a FaceTime date.

Stay tuned for more updates to come!