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Bobby Details His Recent Colonoscopy And Endoscopy Procedure

Photo: Zack Massey

Bobby Bones shared with his listeners that he's been dealing with stomach issues in recent months and was diagnosed with IBS. Despite being only 41-years-old, his doctors wanted him to get a colonoscopy done.

He shared on The Bobby Bones Show today (October 12) that he went in for his colonoscopy at the end of last week. Ultimately, he had to have a colonoscopy and endoscopy done when he went in for his procedure. He admitted the hardest part was the day before, prepping for the procedure. Taking the medicine and dealing with the cleaning out of his system was difficult, and he didn't get much sleep because of it. Though he also admitted that on the way to the doctor he thought he had a heart attack. But his wife Caitlin made him realize it was a panic attack. He was worried about the procedure, dealing with the anesthesia and what results would come back.

While at the doctor's office, Bones shared that it is always hard because he doesn't know his medical history. His dad wasn't around and his mom never took him to the doctor growing up. He also noted a weird thing was that with the procedure they put the IV in your wrist. When he woke up from anesthesia, he asked the doctor if they noticed that he shaved for them, per Dr. Oz's suggestion. He then asked the medical staff to put him in a wheelchair when they brought him out to Caitlin so she would feel sorry for him.

Some of the results of his procedure already came back. His colon looks great, with just a little red on the top. They are doing a biopsy on some parts, and he's waiting for those results. Overall, he is fine. But he did hope that there was going to be something there that way he could fix the issue.