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Travis Denning Admits He Cried During Engagement To Madison Montgomery

Travis Denning got engaged to his girlfriend Madison Montgomery over the weekend in New York! He called into the Bobby Bones Show this morning (November 1) just days after the proposal to talk about how everything went down and his emotions during the engagement.

Denning shared that Montgomery's favorite city is NYC, so when he had a show coming up there he thought it would make a great proposal. Her friends, not so subtly, got some information out of her and made sure she got her nails and hair done before the weekend's trip. He admits that she likely knew the engagement was coming soon, just not any exact details. Since their relationship started, Denning shared that they've marked special occasions with wine corks. They wrote on the wine cork what they did and kept it. So Denning used all of those special wine corks in their engagement. He flew out his photographer friend Katy, who also helped him in planting the shadow box of their corks on a bench in front of a water fountain in Central Park just a few minutes before Denning and Montgomery showed up.

When they walked up to the bench and Denning gave Montgomery the shadow box, she realized what was happening. Denning had the ring in his pocket, but noted she never realized it was there. After he got on one knee, Denning confessed that he blacked out and isn't really sure what all he said, but it came from his heart. He also added that he definitely cried during the whole thing, which he expected was going to happen. As of right now, they don't have a wedding date set, and Montgomery is getting her masters so they're thinking the wedding won't happen until she's done. Likely meaning the wedding will happen in Spring of 2023.

Montgomery's father is country artist John Michael Montgomery. He had mentioned on The Bobby Bones Show months ago with Denning that if someone were to ask for his daughter's hand in marriage that they can show up with a six-pack of Stellas and a wad of cash. Denning made sure to do some of that, he shared that JMM was working on his bus and Denning game him a cold beer. They were talking and that's when Denning asked for his permission to marry his daughter. Denning said the conversation went so well, and he even got a little choked up while talking about it to JMM.