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Eddie Paid Off Half Of His Bet With Bobby & Cooked Him Dinner

A few weeks ago, Bobby Bones and Eddie made a bet over a Rolling Stones concert.

Eddie was convinced that he went to a Rolling Stones concert years ago with Bones. However, Bones didn't have any memories from the concert and claimed he didn't go. They decided to place a bet on the whole thing so whoever was wrong would have to cook dinner for the other person and be cuddled in the studio by a professional cuddler. After some social media digging, Mike D found out that Eddie did go to a Rolling Stones concert years ago, but it wasn't with Bones, it was actually with Justin the Suit.

So Eddie had to fulfill his end of the bet since he lost. Part of the bet was fulfilled this past weekend, Eddie and his wife went over to Bobby and Caitlin's house where Eddie cooked them all up some fajitas. TBD when Eddie fulfills the second half of the bet and gets cuddled in the studio.