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Bobby Gave Raymundo Chance To Get Back In Beanie Babies Collection

A few weeks back, Raymundo sold his entire Beanie Babies collection to Bobby Bones for a whopping $100. With the buy, Bones got two full bins full of Beanie Babies along with some Barbies. This week, we brought on Dr. Lori, an appraiser to check out Bones newly acquired collection to see its worth.

When Dr. Lori was on, Bones found out that he had several Beanie Babies in his collection that were worth hundreds of dollars. She looked at various factors of specific Beanie Babies and was able to give Bones a number based on the actual record of sales of those who are purchasing the items. She was only able to appraise a few of Bones' Beanie Babies and just in those few, she found that he could easily make a couple hundred dollars.

So today (November 10), Bones offered Raymundo a chance to get back in on the Beanie Babies collection after finding out some of its worth. He told Raymundo that if he is willing to list each of the Beanie Babies online to be sold then he could get 20% of the profits. At first, Raymundo tried to negotiate because some of the others in the studio told him he should. Then Bones said that was already his best offer because Raymundo wasn't in a place to negotiate.

Raymundo ultimately decided yes to Bones deal so he could at least make some of his money back.