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Raymundo Wants Contract With His Wife Over New Exercise Bike

Last week on the show, Amy shared that she plans to do an electronics contract with her kids. The hope is to have some healthy boundaries and expectations in place so there are no miscommunications in their family. After hearing that conversation, Raymundo was inspired by the contract idea.

Recently, Raymundo's wife Laura celebrated a birthday and he gifted her a Peloton exercise bike. The bikes are expensive so he wants to ensure that she uses it was much as it's worth. Raymundo thought it may be a good idea to do a bike contract with his wife so they get the most for their money. He wants her to ride on the bike at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes. He also wants her to take a selfie for proof. He noted there would be some exceptions like if she got injured, the bike malfunctions, or they're on vacation. However, besides the exceptions, she would need to ride on the bike a minimum of 3 times a week for the entire time they have it.

The show noted that they don't like the sound of it because it's almost like he's forcing her to workout. However, Raymundo reiterated that, that was not his intention behind the contract.