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Abby’s Random Texter (The Firefighter) Sent Her Gifts to the Studio

The saga of Phone Screener Abby's random texter, the firefighter, continues. Christmas is coming up and he sent her Christmas gifts to the studio.

During The Bobby Bones Show today (December 14), Abby revealed that the random texter we heard about months ago has still been reaching out to her. Last we heard, she was not going to pursue anything with him and was moving on from the whole situation. She has stuck to that, however, he has continued to reach out to her randomly via text message. Things escalated again when she received a text from him asking for an address to send Christmas gifts to her. She didn't let him send them to her home address, so he sent them to the studio.

He sent her four different items: a NSFW firefighter calendar, a coffee cup with the text "I put fires out" with a fire extinguisher, a firefighter ornament, and 2 paid guitar lessons. The show encouraged her to block him/avoid him entirely as sending gifts to the studio after her stopping interactions is definitely red-flag worthy.