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Eddie Gives Update on Son’s Grades With Bologna Sandwiches Punishment

Before the Bobby Bones Show's big holiday break, listeners heard a pretty controversial segment from Eddie the dad.

In case you missed it, Eddie shared that his son's grades had recently been falling. Eddie told his son that he needs to get them back up and really focus on his studies. However, his son kept ignoring his dad's requests. Eddie admitted he had enough of his son not taking his school work seriously. He decided to punish him in a different way than usual because his normal tactics weren't working. Eddie took away all of the delicious food and only allowed his son to eat Bologna sandwiches with no condiments until his grades were back up.

The unusual punishment worked out. Eddie's son studied really hard the week before finals and got all of his grades back up. His son made As, Bs and one C, which was a huge jump from his bad grades before the Bologna sandwiches situation. Not only that, Eddie said his son plans to keep studying hard as to not deal with Bologna sandwiches again. And Eddie's other sons saw the whole situation and don't plan to let their grades slip either.