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Cartoon Edition: Amy Takes The World's Hottest Shot

In October of last year, Amy has to take the world's hottest shot. It was a big challenge on The Bobby Bones Show.

The shot is an overproof rum infused with Carolina Reaper Peppers, produced and sold by the Wiltshire Chili Farm in the UK for just $20 a bottle. The show put the wheel out with everyone in the studio's name on it. After spinning the wheel several times and narrowing it down, the wheel landed between Amy and Eddie. They ultimately had to do coin flips to determine the actual person to take the shot.

Amy had to take the shot and things did not go well. Upon taking the shot, it immediately came back up and into the trash can. Amy had to leave the studio for the rest of the show. After a few months of time has passed, we decided to see what the whole situation would be like in cartoon form. Watch the video above to see it all play out again!