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Phone Screener Abby Recorded Studio Version of National Anthem

Last year, phone screener Abby sang the national anthem in front of thousands of people at the St. Jude Rock N' Roll Marathon.

Abby singing the national anthem got some attention from local news outlets. So it was no surprise when listeners assumed their local radio affiliate US 106.1 in Virginia was playing Abby Anderson's version of the national anthem and told Abby to listen. However, there is a country artist named Abby Anderson which also happens to be the same name as our phone screener Abby. When The Bobby Bones Show talked to the program director of US 106.1, he shared that it was actually the country artist Abby Anderson's version of the national anthem they were playing. He added that he would be happy to play our phone screener Abby's version of the national anthem if she sends him a studio recorded version.

After a couple of months, phone screener Abby finally got into a recording studio and recorded a studio version of her singing the national anthem. She shared it on the show today (February 2) and they called up the program director of US 106.1 who said he loved phone screener Abby's official version and was happy to play it on his radio station starting on Thursday.