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After Losing the Wheel Spin, Eddie’s Lace Boxers Have Arrived

Last week on The Bobby Bones Show the wheel got spun with all of the men of the show listed on it. The Japanese company Wacoal created lace boxer briefs for men and no one on the show was willing to test them out. So all of the guys got put on the spinning wheel where Eddie was chosen as the tester for the product.

The lace boxers showed up to the studio today, way earlier than expected. They're a royal blue color and full of lace with some lining of protection. Eddie was given the lace boxer's an hour before having to put them on so that he could "get used to them." Eddie wasn't looking forward to putting the boxers on at all, but when he walked back in the studio wearing them, he confessed they felt kinda good. He admitted he likes that they're not long like other boxer briefs, and when Bobby asked if they make him feel sexy, Eddie said "yes."