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Bobby Talks With Eddie’s Kid’s Basketball Coach About Private Lessons

Earlier this week, The Bobby Bones Show learned that Bobby Bones wants to hire a basketball coach so that he can be decent at playing pickup basketball. Eddie got his kid's basketball coach, Coach Mike, to come on the show and talk with Bones about the whole ordeal.

Coach Mike admitted he's never been asked to coach an adult male aka "anybody that immature" before. However, he says for the right price he would do it. Though he wouldn't do it at Bones house, Bones would have to go to his house where he has everything set up. Coach Mike detailed what the coaching session would look like, adding that he likes to focus on footwork. He would watch Bones for a few minutes to see his footwork and how he dribbles, then they would start from scratch. Coach Mike likes to focus on footwork noting that if the feet are sloppy, the great shots won't matter. After footwork drills, they'd then focus on dribbling and learning to be as strong with the weak hand as they are with the strong hand.

If Bones wanted to move forward on working with Coach Mike, it would cost him $40 an hour. There are group rates, however Bones couldn't join Eddie's kids because Coach Mike is worried Bones would dominate them too much with the age difference.