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Another Round of Bobby Bones Show Theme Song Submissions

The Bobby Bones Show put out a challenge for someone to write the show a 30-second theme song that we could use every day. If anyone nails it and we decide to use it, Bones shared that he would pay the winner $500. The show received 5 submissions the first week, 7 submissions the following week, and we got 4 more submissions this week.

Today's first submission came from Austin Smith who is a daily podcast listener. The next submission came from Kevin Smith who is a local (Mt. Juliet, Tennessee) resident and loves to play guitar. The third submission came from a "huge fan of the show," their name is PK. The last submission came from Quan Draper who is a rapper and singer from Iowa, his mother Kari is a huge fan of the show and suggested he enter the contest.

The Bobby Bones Show theme song contest is only going on for one more week. People can submit their songs to with the title as "THEME SONG."