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The Show’s Employee of the Month for February Was Chosen

It's been several months since The Bobby Bones Show held an Employee of the Month (EOTM) competition. The last EOTM was phone screener Abby in October of 2021. Today on the show (March 1), the winner of the EOTM got $40 of Bobby's cash as their prize.

The EOTM was revealed in elimination style. Bobby shared one by one the person who was eliminated from the competition. After being eliminated, the show member had to share the acceptance speech they wrote in case they won the EOTM award. Today's competition came down to three different people: Amy, Abby, and Lunchbox. Amy was eliminated and then it was down to Abby and Lunchbox. Ultimately phone screener Abby was chosen as the winner by Bobby, Mike D, and Scuba Steve.

Bobby noted that Abby has still been bringing great content to the show including her studio version of the national anthem and the reveal of her boyfriend.