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Lunchbox’s Christmas Lights May Be Coming Down After Neighbor Feud

Back in January, Lunchbox's neighbor confronted him about still having his Christmas lights up on the outside of his house. The neighbor came over on his own to tell Lunchbox that the Christmas lights needed to come down, especially with the energy shortage going on. The neighbor claimed he was just "thinking about Lunchbox" so he didn't have to pay more money. Though Lunchbox felt the whole situation was unnecessary.

So out of spite, Lunchbox decided to leave his Christmas lights up for as long as possible. It's March 23rd, and his Christmas lights are still up. However, they may finally be coming down. Lunchbox's wife requested the Christmas lights come down so that when her parents come into town next week she's not embarrassed. She doesn't want her parents to think they are lazy, don't have their act together, or are ridiculous because of this feud with the neighbor. To avoid all of that, Lunchbox's wife said the Christmas lights need to come down before her parents get into town.

Lunchbox agreed to take them down so long as she admitted he won the feud with his neighbor. She did and so now he plans to take down the lights.