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Lunchbox Called Restaurants for Their Opinions on Sending Back Food

Last week, we learned that Eddie has been teaching his kids something a bit controversial.

Eddie and his son were having shakes and his son drank half of his shake when he admitted to Eddie that he was trying really hard to enjoy the shake, but it just tasted bad. Eddie told him that because he was unsatisfied with the shake, he could ask for a different one. The waitress helped Eddie's son out and got him a new shake. The Bobby Bones Show didn't agree with this situation and Eddie's idea that sending back food when it is unsatisfactory is the right thing to do.

Lunchbox was on Team Eddie, so he called some restaurants to get their opinions on the matter. One employee at a restaurant shared that she thought any kind employee would help a customer get a satisfactory meal. So ultimately she said what Eddie did was ok. Then Lunchbox called another restaurant and spoke to the manager. The manager shared that he would be frustrated with the situation if he were to have gone up to the customer multiple times and they never said anything until halfway through the meal, however he would still get them a new meal. He also ultimately agreed what Eddie did with his son was ok.

While two individuals in the restaurant industry said what Eddie did was ok, Bobby argued that doing this moving forward doesn't really show integrity.