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Lunchbox Held the Haunted Doll in the Dark While Yelling “Bloody Mary”

The haunted crying boy doll has lived with Lunchbox and his family since last Thursday, and they only have 1 day left.

There's been some uneasiness in the house ever since the doll arrived, but nothing particularly crazy. So Bobby Bones decided to stir some things up. He challenged Lunchbox yesterday (April 4) to ask the doll to curse him for 30 days. Lunchbox completed the challenge, not only yelling once, but twice at the doll. And something wild did happen after the fact with Lunchbox's dog.

Despite the chaos the first challenge brought, Lunchbox completed another challenge for $20. He took the doll to the bathroom with a candle, and yelled out "Bloody Mary" three times. He took video of himself doing it as proof. While that specific challenge did not cause any crazy things to happen, the doll being in the house has messed with Lunchbox's dog some more. Lunchbox shared that their backyard gate was locked and somehow it got opened and his dog got out for 30 minutes.

Now for $50 from Bones, Lunchbox is going to burn the doll after his week challenge is up tomorrow (April 7).