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Amy Quizzed After Watching 3 Episodes of Netflix Anime Show ‘Naruto’

After losing the wheel spin last week, Amy was tasked with watching 3 episodes of the popular anime show Naruto on Netflix.

Today (April 14), Amy had to be quizzed on her 3 episodes. There were 5 questions and she had to answer 4 of them correctly to pass the test. Things didn't start off great when she didn't know the answer to choosing the show's theme song and skipped the question. Amy ended up only getting 2 of the questions correct and failing the test.

Since she failed, Amy now has to watch 10 more episodes of Naruto. Originally she was going to have to watch the entire first season, but it has 53 episodes in it. So Bones said she only has to watch 10 more episodes and will get quizzed again.