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Bobby & Lunchbox Finalized Their First Storage Unit Purchase

Last week, Bobby Bones and Lunchbox finalized their first ever business together.

The two of them are buying storage units and reselling the items in them. Their business is called "Boxing Bob Inc" where Bones pays for 75% of the unit and Lunchbox pays for 25% of the unit. Then after they purchase a storage unit, Lunchbox has to go remove everything and resell it. Anything they sell, Bones and Lunchbox will equally split the earnings.

During The Bobby Bones Show today (April 21), they shared the news that they purchased their first storage unit for a little over $237. The unit has several shoes shown in the photos and caused Bones and Lunchbox to get in a bidding war. But thankfully they were able to get the final bid and now Lunchbox is headed out this weekend to see their purchase.