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Bobby Bones Details Weekend in Arkansas Opening for Garth Brooks

This past weekend Bobby Bones had arguably his perfect fantasy weekend. He spent time in his home state of Arkansas and then got to open for Garth Brooks with the Raging Idiots at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

Before hitting the stage, Bones had some meetings with Arkansas athletes over some NIL things. While there, he got to hang out with Arkansas' head football coach Sam Pittman. Bones and Eddie also played some golf, where they were joined by ESPN's Jimmy Dykes. Bones was already living it up when the Raging Idiots headed to do soundcheck at the stadium before the show. They got there right as Brooks and Trisha Yearwood were finishing up their soundcheck.

Brooks and Yearwood came over to talk to the Raging Idiots and they were incredibly kind about everything. Brooks told Bones that he could use the entire stage instead of just limiting him to one spot, which isn't common for a headliner to allow an opening act to do. Bones ended up utilizing the entire stage a few times during their set. In the pre-show moment, Brooks also told the Raging Idiots that if things were going great and they were feeling it, then they could keep playing. They weren't necessarily limited on their time. He also wanted to make sure it was dark in the stadium before the Raging Idiots took the stage.

During their set, the Raging Idiots pranked the entire crowd. They performed their new song "Nobody Cares About The Opening Act" and in the song, the lyrics ask if they're "ready for the big star." The crowd thought Brooks was going to come out, but he never did. However, they did bring out head coach of the Arkansas Men's Basketball team Eric Musselman.

Bones noted that the fans were generous the entire time they were there. While they were performing, Bones was focused on his work and making sure to give a good performance. Afterwards he finally got to feel how cool it all was and it made him emotional.