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Listener Offers Someone on the Show a Movie Role

Last week it was announced on The Bobby Bones Show that Amy got a role in a movie. She'll be flying out next month to Hollywood to film her role with more details being announced soon.

Lunchbox was really disappointed that he was not the show member chosen to go to Hollywood for a movie role. He's been taking acting classes for the last several months in hopes of becoming a big actor one day. Listener Ruby who is an actress and independent filmmaker called into the show today (April 25) to share that she had a paid movie role to offer someone else on the show. The movie takes place in the Civil War era and the role is for a dirtbag guy who manhandles a woman in a bar. The character has a fight scene with our listener, who plays the lead actress. Bobby revealed that she was considering Eddie, Lunchbox, and Raymundo for the role.

Then Ruby shared that she wanted Lunchbox to fulfill the role she had open on her independent film. He said he wanted to be paid at least $1,001 per day which is $1 more than Amy is getting paid for her new movie role. Though Ruby didn't have that same amount to offer him as it's an independent film with a micro budget. She offered him $150 a day, and she pays for travel and lodging to the shoot in Ohio. Ruby plans to send the film into film festivals, and pitch the script for a larger movie.

Lunchbox plans to talk to Ruby some more off the air on details. We will share when we find out if he accepted the movie role!