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Lunchbox Talks With Agent About Listener’s Movie Role Offer

Listener Ruby called The Bobby Bones Show last week to offer Lunchbox a role in her independent movie.

She wanted him to play a character who gets into a bar fight after going after the lead female character. She was able to offer him $150 a day, plus payment for travel and lodging to the shoot in Ohio. Ruby planned to send the film into film festivals and pitch the script for a larger movie.

Lunchbox said that he needed to talk to his "agent" first before making any commitments. Though the show wasn't convinced Lunchbox actually had an agent. Today (May 4), Lunchbox shared the phone call he had with his "agent" and the show all believes it's just actually Lunchbox recording two different versions of the phone call. Regardless, Lunchbox's "agent" told him that he shouldn't take the role because he deserves a bigger role and a bigger paycheck. Lunchbox agreed with him and shared that he plans not to take the movie role.