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6th Grader Reese Gives Update on Talent Show & Hears Jason Aldean’s Video

Last week (May 4), 6th grader Reese called into The Bobby Bones Show in hopes that Bobby Bones would help her with a Jason Aldean request.

Reese's school Bois D'Arc Elementary School in Missouri said they would bring back their talent show if Reese was able to get Aldean to attend. When Bones reached out to Aldean, he wasn't available but he was willing to do a video introduction for Reese.

Bones played Aldean's video for Reese during the show today (May 11) and got an update from Reese on the talent show. She shared that Aldean's video was enough to get her school to put the talent show next week on their last day of school. They are having auditions this week to see how many students want to participate. Reese still plans to perform Jason Aldean's song "1994," which Aldean introduced in his video for her.

She said she will call the show next week for an update after her performance!