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Lunchbox Shares Final Update on Neighbor’s Broken Down Car

For weeks, we've been hearing about Lunchbox's situation with his neighbor and a broken down car.

One of Lunchbox's neighbors had a broken down car that was parked right in front of Lunchbox's house. Their street only has street parking, so Lunchbox went to his neighbor's house to ask if he could move the car to in front of his house. His neighbor said it wouldn't be an issue. A week goes by and the car never got moved. When Lunchbox confronted his neighbor again, his neighbor said he lost his key to the car. Lunchbox didn't really believe him, but gave him a few more weeks to get it figured out. The car never got moved.

So since a month had passed and Lunchbox's attempts to confront his neighbor over the issue didn't work, Lunchbox decided it was time to call the city. The city came out and placed a sticker on the car to show the neighbor had only so many days to get the car moved. The next day, a Locksmith was out there to get Lunchbox's neighbor a key to the car. Then Lunchbox and another guy helped the neighbor move his car uphill to be parked in front of the neighbor's house rather than Lunchbox's.

The neighbor ended up apologizing to Lunchbox about the entire car situation. He told Lunchbox that times have been tough with COVID and his job.