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6th Grader Reese Talks About Her Talent Show Performance

During the first week of May, 6th grader Reese called into The Bobby Bones Show in hopes that Bobby Bones would help her with a Jason Aldean request.

Reese wanted Aldean to perform with her at the talent show, but he wasn't available to be there. Though Bones helped out by getting Aldean to shoot a video introducing Reese before her performance of his song "1994." The video helped Reese get the talent show to officially happen after being cancelled. Last Wednesday, Reese along with several of her classmates participated in the talent show. Reese was the last student to perform at the event, one could say she was the headliner for the evening. She shared with Bones that the video didn't play the best on the projector screen, but it still worked out. And she rocked her performance of "1994."

There was no winner in this school's talent show, but Reese felt proud of her performance. You can see a clip of it here.