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Bobby Finally Receives Christmas Gift From Scuba Steve

Every year names get drawn so that one person on The Bobby Bones Show has to gift something to another person on the show.

During the Christmas gift exchange last year, Scuba Steve got Bobby Bones. He gifted Bones a box that had a photo in it of a shipping container. Scuba Steve said Bones gift was stuck on a shipping container in the ocean thanks to all the COVID-related shipping delays. But finally today on May 24th, Bones gift arrived to the studio 5 months late.

Scuba Steve said he didn't have time to wrap it, so it was put in a box and wrapped in a PIMPINJOY t-shirt. When Bones opened it, he said it lived up to all the hype. It was a red microphone that had "Bobby Bones" written in it. It's a special microphone so that Bones can use it in the studio every day.