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Lunchbox’s Agent Called Listener Ruby to Decline Movie Role

At the beginning of May, The Bobby Bones Show heard Lunchbox talk with his "agent" about taking the listener's movie role opportunity in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Lunchbox's agent told him that he shouldn't take the acting role because it's too small for him. He needs to go after bigger opportunities. Though the show noted Lunchbox's agent is most definitely Lunchbox just acting like he has an agent. So then today (May 24) Lunchbox shared some audio from his agent's phone call with listener Ruby.

Listener Ruby received the call from Lunchbox's agent who was seemingly on vacation during the call. His agent told Ruby that he wasn't going to be able to take the role because it wasn't big enough, and didn't pay well enough. Ruby felt like Lunchbox's agent had some things misconstrued about the movie role, but she accepted his decline of the opportunity.