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Lunchbox Stole His Neighbor’s “FREE” Sign After Garage Sale

Lunchbox and his wife had their garage sale this past weekend, but they didn't sell everything they wanted to get rid of.

Typically when people are done with their garage sale items, they either toss them or give them away for free. Some people put those items in their front yard with a "FREE" sign. That's what Lunchbox's neighbor a few doors down did, and all of his leftover items were taken. So when Lunchbox saw the "FREE" sign just sitting there, he decided to take that sign to use it for himself.

He put his leftover garage sale items on the curb along with his neighbor's "FREE" sign. A few minutes later the neighbor came by and took the sign back. Lunchbox saw the neighbor recently and the neighbor told Lunchbox the sign wasn't a "community sign" and "he needed to get his own."