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Eddie Asks Gavin DeGraw About the Text Message Scuba Steve Sent Him

Last week on The Bobby Bones Show, we found out that Eddie and Scuba Steve texted Gavin DeGraw while they were in Memphis for the Elvis movie press tour.

Scuba had DeGraw's phone number for professional reasons, but he used that access to text DeGraw a video of a guy doing a great cover of his song "I Don't Want To Be." Scuba says between him and Eddie they had ultimately decided the text message was ok because DeGraw is such a cool guy. He did respond to the video saying "Yeah!!!" But the whole show had secondhand embarrassment saying they shouldn't use a celebrity's phone number for any personal reason unless a friendship was already established.

DeGraw and Eddie ended up being surprise guests at Bobby Bones Comedically Inspired shows this past weekend. So when Eddie saw DeGraw backstage, he decided to ask him if the text message they sent to him was inappropriate. Eddie claims that DeGraw said it wasn't inappropriate, he thought it was cool. Adding that he really enjoyed seeing someone cover his song, because it reminded him that people are still playing his music. He felt it was very flattering to see someone covering his song. And told Eddie that next time he saw someone cover his song to "text away!"

Bones thinks that because DeGraw is such a nice guy, he wouldn't have told Eddie that it was inappropriate. He was just trying to be nice about the whole situation.