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Dr. Bobby Answers Questions About Show Members Medical Issues

Bobby Bones received his doctorate from the University of Arkansas earlier this year. Ever since, he's been dubbed Dr. Bobby. Despite not being a real doctor, the show had medical questions for Bones to answer.

Amy asked him about her tick bite, sharing that it's still itching 7 weeks later. He looked at it, and said something definitely looks like it's in there. Bones asked if she had seen a doctor for it, and because she hadn't, she should probably search Google for a specialist. Eddie asked about his eyesight because he's losing his near-sight. He first asked if it's normal that this is happening to him as he's getting older. Bones said yes, and the reason he knows that is because his family member who is an Ophthalmologist told him the same thing. Eddie had a follow up question asking if he should get readers or just enlarge the text on his phone to which Bones encouraged him to get the readers. Though Eddie is likely not going to take that advice because to him, getting glasses is him "giving up on life."

Lunchbox asked Dr. Bones if he could solve the problem no doctor has ever been able to. He hasn't been able to touch his shoulders since birth and wants to know why. Bones said it's a birth defect and encouraged him to read Stanley The Dog: The First Day of School as medicine because the book is about accepting being different. Morgan wanted to know how long it would take for her new injury to heal. She bruised/possibly broke tailbone in a rollerblading accident. Bones said from his personal previous experience, it will likely take about 2 months to heal and ice can help. But really it's about how much pain she's willing to take in order to do her usual activities like working out.