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Amy Receives Email About Bullying Lunchbox With His “Fame”

For the last year, Lunchbox has been claiming that he's one of the top 25 most famous people in Nashville. So much so that his claims had to be put to the test.

The Rock was recognized by an entire bus full of tourists out in California, so The Bobby Bones Show did the same thing for Lunchbox in Nashville. They put him on a street corner and he shouted at the tourists on the bus to see if anyone would recognize him like The Rock. Not one person on the bus recognized him. The show has tried to convince him that he's not famous, but more so regionally known. Though Lunchbox said despite the tour bus situation, he's a celebrity because he's always recognized when he's out and about in Nashville. People often ask him for pictures and autographs.

A listener wrote in an email to Amy that they were upset the show was bullying Lunchbox about his fame. The email shared that Amy often says on the show that as long as it's not hurting anyone, people should do whatever brings them joy. And clearly what Lunchbox is doing with his claims of being famous isn't hurting anyone and it brings him joy, so why does it matter what he believes? Bobby stepped in and said that if they didn't address him thinking he's famous, then the listeners would assume we all feel the same as Lunchbox in thinking that we're famous. And that's not the case. He added that listeners would also probably troll us about not pushing back on his way of thinking when it comes to fame.