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Amy Almost Got Scammed Again While on the Internet

The Bobby Bones Show has had a new segment lately called "Is Amy Being Scammed?"

In the last few months, Amy has been scammed or nearly scammed several times in different situations. Recently, she was scammed by a man who came to her front door and sold her a sob story. Another memorable scam with Amy was when she was trying to get a cat for her daughter and the cat scammers took her money and told her the cat died. These are just a few of the instances where Amy was scammed so it has become a running joke on the show that Amy attracts the scammers.

Recently, Amy was on the Internet looking someone up and a message popped up on her phone. It was from "Google" saying she was the 5 billionth search. Confetti was falling down the page and it wanted her to choose between three different presents. The website was telling her she could win a huge prize if she entered in her information. She almost did, and then ultimately decided not to. When the show looked it up, it's definitely a scam that happens often on the Internet.