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Lunchbox Has “Genius” Idea To Be On TV and Get His House Fixed

During The Bobby Bones Show's What The Haps segment today (July 20), Lunchbox shared a genius idea he has to accomplish two of his goals.

He has always had the dream of being on TV for a show. And recently a tree branch fell on his house and put several holes in his roof, which have not been fixed yet thanks to company delays. He decided it would be a brilliant idea to get himself on Amy's sister's HGTV show Building Roots. They could come and fix his roof as well as do some other home improvements. And him appearing on their show as a celebrity would give them great ratings, plus he would finally get his house fixed.

The show gave him a hard time for his idea since he hasn't been kind about Building Roots from the beginning. Though Lunchbox reiterated how he's trying to be helpful to them by getting them some higher ratings.