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Morgan Spills the Tea on Eddie & His Uber Situation

A few weeks ago Eddie shared an awkward Uber situation during The Bobby Bones Show.

He and his family took an Uber from the airport and the Uber driver was going in the wrong direction. Eddie tried to tell him, but the Uber driver insisted he was going the right direction. Then they had to course correct to get home, and the Uber driver apologized. He said he would mail a $20 check to Eddie to make up for the extra expense in the app and he actually did. A few days after he shared this story, Eddie updated the show to let them know he did get the $20 in the mail from the Uber driver.

But after Eddie shared the story originally, Morgan told him that he can get the money back on his own through the Uber app. A user just has to go into the app, share that the driver didn't follow the directions correctly, and the app will refund the money that was over the original quoted price. Morgan did it for Eddie in the app and he got his $20 back right away. So when he shared that the Uber driver gave him $20, he failed to mention that he also got $20 from the Uber app. So really he made $20 profit off the situation and didn't plan to say anything about it.