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Morgan Calls Out Lunchbox for Outfit During Acting Audition

For weeks now Eddie and Lunchbox have been giving Morgan and Abby a hard time about their outfits.

The guys claimed that Morgan and Abby would only dress up whenever guy artists came into the studio, but never dressed up whenever girl artists came in. However the girls debunked that and shared they dressed up whenever any artist or guest comes into the studio because it's professional. Morgan also revealed the guys didn't dress up or clean up their hair and beards when they had to take a client photo. Now Morgan went at Lunchbox again stating she "never wanted to hear about her outfits again."

Because during his audition for the Bat Out Of Hell The Musical, he didn't get dressed up at all for it. He was on stage, and visually on Zoom for the director. But he showed up that day wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Lunchbox claims it's because Morgan doesn't know the industry and auditions are more chill, and actors don't actually have to get dressed up. Plus, he did get the role so he did something right. Though Bobby Bones added that he's been in auditions before and people do get dressed up and want to look presentable.