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Lunchbox Got Details on His Accommodations for Las Vegas Acting Gig

Lunchbox was offered an acting gig with Bat Out Of Hell The Musical in Las Vegas. He's headed down there in October to play an improvisation role after auditioning for the director during The Bobby Bones Show a few weeks back.

During today's show (August 23), Lunchbox came to the realization that he didn't negotiate anything before accepting the role. So he's considering backing out of the role if he doesn't get the things he wants. Bobby Bones shared a few of the accommodations he knows about so far. Bat Out Of Hell The Musical will cover his commercial flight accommodations and they will cover his weekend stay at the Paris hotel. His hotel room will be a suite with a kitchenette. He doesn't think it's enough considering the news that just came out about Adele's accommodations in Las Vegas for her residency.

Listeners can win a trip to Las Vegas to see Lunchbox in his first acting role here!