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Bobby’s Text From Stranger Turns Out to Be Famous Artist

A few weeks ago, Bobby Bones got a text from a random phone number that was claiming to be Randy Jackson.

However, Bones didn't trust the number. He texted back asking Jackson to FaceTime to prove it was him. The random phone number texted back that they were in the studio and couldn't FaceTime. So Bones chalked it up to some random person trying to be someone else. A few days later he got another text asking Bones how he had been, but Bones didn't respond because he didn't want to fall for whoever was on the other end. But then the phone number calls him, Bones answered and it did actually turn out to be Randy Jackson.

Turns out, one of Bones good friends had his new phone number and ran into Jackson. He asked Bones friend for it and that's how he got it. Jackson and Bones met while being judges on Miss America back in 2018.

Photo: Getty Images